Jan 25, 2011

Welcome to Ecofriendly Living

This blog is created as a class project. I am not an expert on environmental issues, ecofriendly living, or organic foods. I have always been very passionate about these issues and concerns. I'm hoping this blog will help me share my enthusiasm about the environment with anyone who is interested in what I have to say. I hope you will share your experiences,knowledge and insights on the subject. My goal is to change someone's mind on recycling, or buying organic instead of conventional foods. Thank you for taking this journey with me...


  1. Great Blog. I love that there is now a growing trend of bloggers sharing their info on going green. It does inspire and inform people. We as a society have grown so use to being constantly subjected to chemicals in our daily lives and have grown to accept it as just the way the world is now. Me included but I'm working on it and do in my best to make better choices and cut back some things. Each person spreading the word, is a step to helping others change their way of thinking, inspiring them to so what they feel they can to add a little more green to their lives. I seriously think that it is our generation that needs to do that for our children and earths future. I believe that this blogging trend can help our generation make those changes.

  2. Thank you Virginia. I agree with you, we as a generation should change the way we live to make sure the future will even be better for the new generation.